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Maritime Cyber Security Awareness

by YSD | 11-Feb-2019

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The course raises awareness about threats and countermeasures, addressing company's cyber security management system by encouraging the crew’s good cyber hygiene. The course explains in simple steps how and where cyber-attacks may target not only company's IT infrastructure, but also the embedded software in assorted operational technology systems on board.

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The threats posed by maritime cyber security incidents are increasing, and the shipping industry is taking action to mitigate the risks while minimizing the impact. The true extent of shipping’s cyber vulnerabilities remains uncertain and the implications are growing, as is the concern of the effect of cyber security on the industry.

Every ship, whatever the size and trade, is potentially vulnerable and so seafarers need to know what is needed and expected of them to keep ships safe and secure. Understanding and awareness are key aspects of cyber security. All seafarers should be aware of not just the external threats, but of the problems they can introduce onboard too.

Learnmarine now offers an immediate solution to help you train your staff to be cyber secure.


Course objectives:

Seafarers have very different roles onboard, and some have to deal directly with technology more than others. However, maritime cyber security can be threatened unwittingly and unknowingly if people are not operating with a view to their own cyber hygiene, and the actions taken by others onboard.

1.       To learn what can go wrong and how, understand how to safeguard equipment and the vessel.

2.       Know how to choose the right tools and actions to shield the vessel from viruses and malicious content.

3.       Learn how to identify cyber threats and how to respond.

4.       Learn how to protect online accounts (email, social media, cloud) and do not open files that haven’t been checked.

5.       Be aware, that cyber issues are real and dangerous – do everything to prevent, protect and to react properly.


Course topics include:

-          Introduction to Cyber Security;

-          Cyber Security on Ships;

-          IT and OT;

-          Types of Cyber Attacks;

-          Threats and Vulnerabilities;

-          Best Practices.


Target Group:

The Maritime Cyber Security Course is aimed at all personnel who belongs to the maritime industry, works both on board the vessels and/or shore-based.

Based on regulations and guidlines:

IMO MSC.1/Circ.1526 – Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management

The guidelines on cyber security onboard ships, V3.(BIMCO)

United States National Institute of Standards and Technology's Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Security

IET Standards – Code of Practice: Cyber Security for Ships

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Course contents:

Maritime Cyber Security Awareness

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