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US EPA Vessel General Permit

by YSD | 20-Apr-2020

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The aim of the course is to familiarize all participants with US EPA Vessel General Permit requirements and provide guidance on how to properly implement legislation

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The course is designed to familiarize all participants with US EPA Vessel General Permit requirements and provide guidance on how to properly implement legislation.


Course objectives:

To become familiar with the sound management of the potential discharges from their vessels and the proper implementation of the applicable federal and state requirements.

Comprehend the role of the Verifiers and various attributes of the verification process. Interpret IMO DCS Regulations and compliance requirements.

Course topics include:

-          Coverage;

-          US EPA regulations;

-          Monitoring, Reporting, and Inspection;

-          Identification of the discharges regulated by VGP;

-          2013 VGP Analysis & Requirements;

-          Non-Compliance Procedures;

-          Real life Implementation Issues;

-          Best Practices;

-          Transitional issues (NOI, Training, Documents).


Target Group:

“US EPA Vessel General Permit” course is aimed to all responsible for EPA/EMS requirements implementation ashore and on board.

Based on regulations and guidlines:

EU MRV (Monitoring, reporting and verification) and IMO DSC (Data Collection System) regulations

IMO Guidelines for the development of a ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP)


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Course contents:

US EPA Vessel General Permit

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