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Risk Management and PTW webcast (in Russian)

by Alekasndr Pipchenko | 08-Apr-2018

20 USD 20 USD

Works on: PC, Tablet, Phone

Risk Assessment & Permit to Work explained in detail.

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Risk Assessment & Permit to Work. Record of online webinar (in Russian)

Course content:

Risk Management

Intro : Behavioral Safety - 15:06

Part 1: Risk Theory Part A - 17:56

Part 2: Risk Theory Part B - 26:37

Part 3: Practical Application - 21:52

Permit to Work

Part 1: Toolbox Talk - 06:31

Part 2: LoTo & Energy Isolation - 10:42

Part 3: PTW forms Part A - 08:35

Part 4: PTW forms Part B - 17:57

Part 5: PTW forms Part C and MOC - 17:43

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Special acknowledgment to Yevgeniy Bogachenko, Project Manager of, for organizational and technical assisstance.

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Downloadable materials

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Course contents:

Behavioral Safety

Risk Theory Part A

Risk Theory Part B

Practical Application

Toolbox Talk

LoTo-Energy Isolation

PTW Forms Part A

PTW Forms Part B

PTW Forms Part C MOC

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