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RADAR Plotting

by Learnmarine | 14-Aug-2018

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Works on: PC, Tablet, Phone

Deep learning of radar plotting and relative motion rules including multi-vessel cases and practical aspects of ship maneuvering and ARPA usage

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This course is developed with respect to the guidelines given in IMO Model Courses 1.07, 1.08 "Radar navigation at operational / management level".

Knowledge of relative motion principles and manual plotting skills is very important in order to clearly understand:

(-) how ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) works, and

(-) how to make right decisions in order to avoid collisions with other vessels and comply with COLREGs (Collision Regulations) in different situations.

The idea of this course is not only to cover the manual radar plotting for a multi-vessel case, but to instill to a deck officer certain kind of intuitive approach, which will help to form a mental picture of certain collision avoidance situations and make right decisions as per COLREGs and according to good seamanship.

If you like to study and advance on your own pace, then this course is for you.

Course content:

Lesson 1: Radar Plotting Theory

Lesson 2: Multi-vessel Collision Avoidance

* The course includes voice-over by a lecturer.

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Course contents:

Part A Radar Plotting Theory

Part B Multi-vessel Collision Avoidance

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Dmytro | Master22-Aug-2018

Comprehensive course, which covers various aspects of Radar Plotting principles and techniques, supplemented by their practical application. Contains many important tips. Thanks for the great course!

Dmytro | Chief Officer22-Aug-2018
Good and clear explanations with examples

Eduard | Junior Officer24-Aug-2018
Very useful course, the teacher arranged everything on the shelves

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