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by Alex Dembytsky | 29-Mar-2018

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Works on: PC, Tablet, Phone

Step-by-step video guide on DP NAVIS software

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DP NAVIS is a modern and user-friendly dynamic positioning system with a touchscreen interface, which is very often installed as a part of Transas offshore bridges. System is often used for Dynamic Positioning Operators training under NI DP scheme. Also, NAVIS DP is widely used on board various offshore vessels.

Trainees tend to forget the equipment interface in a couple of weeks after the DP Induction Course. On the other hand, some seafarers took their DP Induction on another equipment, but on board, they have to use the NAVIS DP System. So, for whatever reason you have to operate with NAVIS, not always you have someone to explain you main system principles. We did our best to support the DP society and to provide such information in a modern way using available IT technologies. Our aim was to introduce the most important information in 350 statements in 40 minutes, which will help you to start to use the system after watching the course immediately. Of course, you should always read the manual, but the course may significantly save your time necessary for the quick start-up.

The course is developed in ENGLISH to support our foreign colleagues and those trainees who had met the author personally. English is not the author's mother tongue, but it was decided to keep original instructor's voice-over to preserve the course's realism.

Course content:


Lesson 1: Inbuilt Simulator Mode Preset Up

Lesson 2: Main Display Zones

Lesson 3: Position Plotter Overview

Lesson 4: Heading & Position Control

Lesson 5: Thruster Plotter & System Settings


Lesson 6: Autopilot

Lesson 7: ROV: follow the target

Lesson 8: Track

Special acknowledgment to Alex Pipchenko, Project Manager of, who put maximum efforts to publish the course.

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Downloadable materials


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Course contents:

Inbuilt Simulator Mode Preset Up

Main Display Zones

Position Plotter Overview

Heading and Position Control

Thruster Plotter and System Settings


ROV - Follow the Target

Track Control

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