Visit to National University of Shipbuilding and some words on tug girting

by Alex Pipchenko | 25-May-2017
Visit to National University of Shipbuilding and some words on tug girting
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On 18th of May I spent my day in Nikolayev (Ukraine). Particularly at National University of Shipbuilding, which is a two hour drive from Odessa (my home city).

The purpose of the visit was to attend a National Research Conference "Modern technologies of design, construction, operation and repair of ships, marine engineering facilities and engineering structures”.

My report was dedicated to an escort tug girting assessment. The term refers to the situation when a tug, is towed broadside by a towline and is unable to manoeuvre out of this position.

As the part of tug masters’ training course for OMTC (Odessa Maritime Training Centre) I developed a software, which allow a quick estimation of an escort tug’s stability and controllability in different towing modes. Capabilities of which were demonstrated and discussed at the conference.

In more detail it can be seen from my SlideShare:

We had a fruitful discussion on various topics including gas carriers, yachts and helidecks design, modern drone vessels, fast passenger crafts and perspective passenger routes along the coast of Black Sea.

I’d like to say thanks to the organisational committee and I would be happy to come again next year to present forthcoming developments.

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