Tailor-made ASD tug handling and towing training for KMA KBTU - Part II

by Alex Pipchenko | 04-Mar-2018
Tailor-made ASD tug handling and towing training for KMA KBTU - Part II
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Learnmarine is proud to provide our online assessment system and training services on Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) tugs maneuvering, towing and escort operations to the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy.

Nowadays ASD tugs are one of the most utilized in the maritime industry. They provide exceptional maneuverability as well as reasonable cost-efficiency balance and are perfect for restricted waters assistance, escort & towing operations.

Efficient and responsive steering system, on the other hand, requires sharp and confident ship handling skills. Additionally, when more than one tug is involved in the operations, proper planning, teamwork and resource management becomes crucial.

Therefore the training is focused on the specific skills as well as on basic principles and the best industry practices of towage to cover not only ship-handling but also to create an environment for a well-coordinated work as a team during tandem towing and escort operations.

We are currently working on the next project for KMA related to twin-screw conventional tug handling and towing, thanks to expanded capabilities of KMA Konsberg Full Mission Bridge Simulators, which allow keeping several tug bridges with towed objects as active players in a training scenario as well as enhanced hawsers connection options.

Audiotrack by Adam Vitovsk√Ĺ: http://www.AdamVitovsky.com

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