How well do you understand navigation? We offer to take a test

by Alex Pipchenko | 29-May-2017
How well do you understand navigation? We offer to take a test
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Yes, all these years we, key4mate authors, try to provide you with knowledge on navigation, and we sincerely hope that it will be useful and interesting. Together with you, we have mastered navigation, astronomy, ship management, GMDSS, and safety techniques even better. And for this, dear colleagues and readers, I want to say thank you.

And yes, we get feedbacks from you, we see each other at meetings, we communicate from time to time through social networks ...

But we never ask the most important thing: how much you have learned the material that we present.

Periodically, we get questions about whether we want to give lessons on navigation not remotely, but in the classroom. However, working sailors have one problem with this: we can not all be in one location. There is no consistency in our work.

However, we can offer something else - distance-learning course with the possibility of checking your knowledge and working out those aspects of navigation that you need. You can try the first lesson “Definitions – Earth” – it’s free.

Also we suggest you to try our test platform.

It contains multivariate tests with one correct answer.

Grow with us!

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Wish you calm seas and best regards!


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